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Indicator buttons with the introduction IP-address of a visitor to your website

IP-address informer - is a convenient free service for webmasters, allowing users of your site, in real time, to receive information about their IP-address (IP address, country, region, city , ISP-provider). Before placing an appropriate IP-informer (button or graphic banner) on your site, you must generate a code. Click the 'Get code' link, select the type of the button, its color and graphics from the set of options, then copy the generated code and place it on the page of your site. The recommended type of placement of IP-informer: skvreznoe placement, in the footer of the site.

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Domain names registrar REG.RU, Ltd
Москва (South-Western Administrative Okrug)
University of Texas System
United States
Bright House Networks
United States
United States
San Francisco
O2 Czech Republic
Czech Republic
Prague (Prague 3)
Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education
United States
China Unicom Beijing
Alchemy Communications
United States
Los Angeles
CDNetworks Inc.
United states
San jose

Detailed information about the IP-address, the provider and the local visitor's computer

Page contains advanced information about IP-address that allows you to specify by IP-address the actual location (address and postcode Internet service provider) by IP-address ASN provider of hosting services (hosting) or actual the location of the supporting server, located at IP-address website.

Users of our service, setting IP-address, can obtain information about the name of the provider, the ASN number, the ISP, country and region of placement of server equipment, information about the time zone and geographical coordinates (latitude / longitude) of a provider of hosting services. For user convenience, the location of server equipment, in graphical form, shown with a marker on the maps GoogleMaps.

In addition, when you visit this page, users are provided with an overview of the current settings of the computer (mobile or tablet device). When visit this page, in the background, the user has the possibility to analyze the settings of the Internet connection to determine the name of your browser to determine the User-Agent to determine the name of the operating system (OS) installed on your computer.

Please note that every computer connected to the Internet is assigned a unique IP-address, which carries information about the country and region of the subscriber, the provider number (ASN number) and the ID of the computer on the network of the provider.