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This website is a complementary technology WHOIS domain registration service portal UANIC.NAME.
Technology WHOIS WHOIS.UANIC.NAME portal contains public information gathered from public sources, information obtained as a result of the automatic querying WHOIS, the calculated values of Trust, the values of the CY, rankings and statistics Alexa, reviews and user comments, other (ad or other) information published by administrators at their discretion. UANIC.NAME administration may not share the views of the advertisers, website owners, authors of reviews and comments, and reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to edit and \ or delete them. Credit quality, estimates the cost of the website, its Trust, the values of the CY website are calculated on the basis of internal adaptive algorithms are not offer, at the same time can serve both as an expert assessment estimated the estimated value of sites and in defining accessory website to registrants.

Public service WHOIS

Service WHOIS (Eng. WhoIs) UANIC is an automated specialized public information system provider through the implementation of the request to the appropriate database the official registrar of domain names, free access to information about delegated (registered) the domain name, the registrant (owner) of the domain, the domain administrator, Technical Financial and contacts of a domain name. WHOIS service allows you to check the date of registration of the domain expiration date of the domain delegation, the end date of the period of preferential extension of the domain registrant, the date of the removal of a domain (a record of the domain name) from the register of the Registrar to obtain information about the Registrar and his public contacts, and information about the administrator (owner , registrant) of the domain, if the registrant did not use the service hiding personal data - PrivacyProtection.
Information provided by WHOIS service domain (data obtained by request from the whois server) has a structure defined by the standard RFC 1834. Each row in the server response begins with a specific word - answer field. Instead of each field after the colon shows information related to this field. A set of fields and the amount of information displayed for them in various domain zones determined by the Registrar in its sole discretion, and may vary significantly.
Access to the service WHOIS - public, but there are some technological limitations based on individual rules of supply and testing of queries by using information from a database WHOIS, obtained with the help of our services, technological limitations which are associated with end features the DAS specific domain areas, and usually a limit on the number of requests for information per unit time.

Service "Expiring domains"

Service Expiring domains UANIC - Automated Public free service designed to search for "expired domain", ie previously registered domains, most of them with the history and CEO parameters, the term of delegation ending within 48 hours.
Obviously, many experienced webmasters are looking for a list of expiring domains, want to make a backorder. The advantage of buying expiring domain, ie, previously registered, but not after-school domain, that many of these domains are still CEO parameters such as TIC (thematic index Yandex citation), AlexaRank (position in the TOP) and other SEO- domain settings. In addition, these domains may be already placed thematic link resources in a network Rounds search engines, and gives them a "weight". Some domains are present in Dmoz directory and Yandex. All Expiring domains hosted on the service WHOIS.UANIC.NAME, have an age of 1 year, which is also important in promoting the website and has obvious advantages for promoting the website, compared with the newly registered "young" domains. By registering yourself free domain from the list of released, domain parameters and history, you will immediately be able to start its promotion and \ or earnings by selling links, and will not wait for some time before the domain will be indexed by search engines, the website will become a "trust" and get enough SEO-value parameters.

Service "last verified domains"

Service 'last verified domains' - automated public service provided UANIC, allows real-time tracking of the process of adding new domains to the database WHOIS.UANIC.NAME, automatic verification and calculation of SEO-parameters are added to the database WHOIS.UANIC.NAME domain browse basic SEO-domain settings, and filtering by CY, to obtain the value of the domain (learn calculated value of the website), check the Trust domain (website). In addition, users get an opportunity to influence the Trust of a domain name, by vote (rated domain), and forming a confidence index \ distrust leaving reviews of domains and participating in independent monitoring websites.

Portal WHOIS.UANIC.NAME - unique and absolutely free, functional service! This is not just a public automatic free gateway to current information on the registered domain, lets you know who, when and to whom has been registered a particular domain, but also a convenient service of search and registration of expiring domains, allowing free to apply for the "intercept" domain, those. his registration immediately after the removal of the domain from the database of the Registrar, an intuitive modern interface that enables "on the fly" to filter on the set-CEO parameters.
In addition, the portal WHOIS.UANIC.NAME includes tools to search for available domain names and their registration through the panel domain registration UANIC.NAME, option selection of free domains using key words, the automated service through the extension of the domain billing UANIC, services automate the previously registered Domain panel UANIC.NAME.
Community portal WHOIS.UANIC.NAME have the ability to automatically and free of charge to receive full information about the IP-address, data center, country, city, ISP website placement (domain parking), check out the options available DNS-server delegated (addressed) a certain domain, check operation Hosted (delegation) domain, monitor in real time its main parameters.
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