List of recent calls to database WHOIS IP

The list of recent queries to the database WHOIS.UANIC.NAME about IP-addresses and providers

This page contains full list of recent customer requests technological WHOIS portal.UANIC.NAME to public UANIC database of information about IP-addresses and providers. As a result of inspections, are determined and stored into a database, current values of the parameters: IP-address, ASN service provider, full and abbreviated name of the Internet provider (in English and Russian* languages). Entering the new IP-address is performed automatically, after the user has requested to receive information from the database UANIC.

For convenience, implemented the ability to filter the list by ASN and the reduced name of the Internet service provider, then switch to the solo page of the chosen provider. On the personal page (predstavitelstva) ISP users can get acquainted with brief information about this Internet provider, specify the contact details of the provider and the phones support, read reviews of other users or to leave feedback about the selected ISP (the provider of telematic services).

The list of trusted IP-addresses is updated and displayed on the page in real time. Access to information on IP-addresses and providers - public and free.

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