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Free public service "SEO website analysis"

Service "SEO website analysis" is a unique and popular tool that is freely available to users of technological portal WHOIS.UANIC.NAME that allows you to automate the process of obtaining the many SEO characteristics, with the purpose of studying their SEO managers and specialists to promote for further analysis, and prepare recommendations on search engine and non-promotion of the analyzed website.

SEO analysis of a website is a complex system tasks on the analysis of website content, website usability, internal and external factors influencing search engine ranking of the website analyzed, to determine its position in the search engines, and get a clear understanding about the current state of optimization of a given website, the ways and means to further promote the website in search engines (organic SERP) of search engines.

Obviously, before starting to work on the promotion, or the promotion, you need to conduct a comprehensive analysis of its current position, to identify and try to eliminate weaknesses, promote the website, to determine and effectively use their strengths. A comprehensive analysis of the SEO-website settings is extremely important in evaluating current positions and planning promotion strategy. Only then can proper and systematic promotion given the constantly changing algorithms of search engines (search engines), which will bring in top the website you are promoting. Therefore, regardless of the current position in the SERP, knowledgeable SEO specialist promoting a particular website, should regularly carry out the procedure of analyzing SEO parameters promoted by the website.

Taking advantage of the free service "SEO website analysis", at the technological portal WHOIS.UANIC.NAME, our users get the opportunity of a comprehensive analysis of the majority of currently available parameters, internal and external factors, in one way or another affect search engine the rotation website. Putting in the URL of the website analyzed in the above form, a few minutes after clicking the "Go" button, the user will be moved to a special page that is used to display analyzed the SEO performance (internal and external settings for a specific website). First of all, the user will be shown the basic information such as website title, website description, keywords used by the developer of the website on its main page. In addition, there will be defined parameters such as Yandex TIC (thematic index of citing of Yandex), the number of indexed external pages that point to a website (backlinks to the website), the position of the analyzed website in the Alexa ranking, number of indexed pages of the analyzed website (according to Alexa), the IP address of the server which has been delegated to the analyzed domain.

In the block "Quick SEO analysis" contains generalized SEO-information about analyzed website (SEO summary), in addition to basic SEO parameters, listed above, includes the trust websites, the estimated cost of this website, and the current settings of NS servers. In addition, taking advantage of a public service "SEO website analysis", users are able to verify the presence of the analyzed website in popular directories (Yahoo.Directory, directory, AltaVista, DMOZ, Rambler TOP 100, catalogue, Yahoo! directory), to verify the presence of external links to the analyzed website from forums and blogs (according to Yandex, according to Google), to know the number of indexed images placed on the analyzed website, to determine the number of mentions in Answers@Mail.Ru the information in the web.archive.or,, to determine the number of tweets on Twitter.

Additionally, for the convenience of developers and web optimizers, are available with the opportunity to check the validity of the CSS used on the analyzed website, the verification of the validity of the HTML of the website, analysis of accessibility from different networks (an analysis of the accessibility of the website will be carried out using external service Host-tracker). In addition, through the service "SEO website analysis", the optimizers will be able to perform online analysis of search queries website analysis of content data acquired by search engine robot, HTML coding and content analysis of the website, to analyze the HTML meta tags of the website, to see graphically the information about the locations and attendance of the analyzed website.

Service "SEO website analysis" - a unique tool in the hands of a competent optimizer! The service is free.

SEO data (parameters) obtained from the analysis of websites is public, and will be placed in the public domain, without the possibility of hiding* (deletion).