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Viruses and Trojans on the website is clearly a threat to its visitors. The problem of contamination of websites, network viruses. exploitasi and worms, despite effective measures to detect and fight viruses, take as the Internet community, popular online browsergame and the leading search engines, relevant to the present day. And even we are not talking about intentionally infecting websites with viruses their administrators for the purpose of obtaining indirect income, such cases are nowadays very rare, and about mass the hacking websites by implementing third-party code in their malicious code through SQL injection and spoofing code, etc. that represents a great danger for visitors to the infected websites and their administrators, due to mass action and the unpredictability of the consequences.

Portal WHOIS.UANIC.NAME provides everyone to check the web websites (Internet resources) on the subject of viruses. The CSS validator will be useful to administrators (owners) of web resources and visitors.

If you are the administrator (owner) of the website whose code contains a virus, you not only are at risk of viruses the computers of their visitors, but risk losing them because of the sanctions applied by search engines, websites that are infected with viruses . Search engines mark such websites and in search results to inform users that "This website may threaten your computer's security" ( or "This website may harm Your computer" ( Of course, on a website with such a "black mark" will not any sane person.

In turn, and users will not hurt to be vigilant, do not rely only on administrators visited their websites. Because the safety of Your computers lies entirely in Your hands. Using our portal, you get absolutely free to check any website for viruses in 17 popular services virus detection (virus activity). Check this website for viruses is performed in real-time.

With the aim of increasing confidence in their resources, website administrators, after its successful test of the website for viruses at our service, get the opportunity to post on his website a button “Website is checked for viruses”, confirming the successful verification of a specific website on the virus.

The visitors: no on the website button “Website is inspected for viruses”- the testimony that the website administrator does not pay enough attention to the anti-virus protection of your website, message to users that the website is potentially unsafe.

Security is defined at the time of scan website for viruses, thus, the presence on the website button “Website is inspected for viruses” does not guarantee his safety in the moment. To check the current state of contamination of the website by the virus, please re-check for viruses, using the form available on this page.

The service checks the website for viruses and exploits is available to users of technological portal UANIC free, regardless of the fact that there are tried-and-trusted virus-free website WHOIS database of the portal WHOIS.UANIC.NAME.