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Service determine the cost of the website (domain) is a popular service developed and implemented on the basis of the unique algorithms used UANIC, to calculate the cost of the domain name.
Service for determining the estimated value of domain indispensable both for website owners, gomanaru and potential buyers of domains wish to obtain real market assessments of the value of the domain name (domain) before you buy it.
The cost of the domain obtained as a result of his analysis on the portal WHOIS.UANIC.NAME, can be used as a reference value when placing orders to buy/sell the domain name on domain auctions and direct sale of domain names. Given the high level confidence in our service used the algorithm of calculation of the cost of the website, the stated value domain can in fact serve as a benchmark for both the seller and potential buyer of the domain in determining their fair market value of the website (domain).
To determine the price of a domain name (website) uses a unique algorithm, developed by brokers UANIC according to many characteristics, is the level of the domain name (the domain of the second or third level), the volume and the content of the pages of the website analyzed, indicators of TIC, number of indexed pages, value, Alexa Rank, website in Yandex directory and Dmoz, projected costs and income, many other, minor, options, take into account during the calculation of the website cost parameters.
For the convenience of users, the portal WHOIS.UANIC.NAME provides users a free opportunity to post on your website interactive button “Value website” to display its value.
We recommend webmasters to use through placement of a button on all pages of the website (the button can be placed at the bottom of each page, the button color you can customize), it will increase the interest in Your website from advertisers and potential buyers.