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Сайт: ratrescue.com

Название сайта: Rat Rescue - Help find new homes for rats, mice, and other rodents.

Описание: Help find new homes for rats, mice, ferrets, and other small animals including rodents and more through rescues and adoption.

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Сайт: animatedknots.com

Название сайта: Animated Knots by Grog | How to Tie Knots | Fishing, Boating, Climbing, Scouting, Search and Rescue, Household, Decorative, Rope Care,

Описание: This website provides clear animations showing how to tie the knots most frequently needed in fishing, boating, climbing, scouting, surgery, search and rescue, splicing, household activities, decorative knot tying, and rope care.

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Сайт: wimberleywagrescue.org

Название сайта: Dog and Puppy Rescue, Adoption Wimberley, Texas - Wimberley Adoption Group & Rescue

Описание: Aid abandoned, neglected, unclaimed, surrendered dogs and puppies in and around the Wimberley area. Provide medical care for dogs and puppies and find permanent homes.

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Сайт: wongen.us

Название сайта: wongen.us

Описание: WonGeneration is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization of an ever expanding group of men and women willing to devote their time, talents, resources, and skills, to further the Word and works of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is accomplished by connecting with one another, seeking to fulfill the needs of the community, both local and global, one person at a time. WonGeneration seeks to help individuals as they interpret and clarify their gifts, and facilitate their use of these gifts to positively impact their community.

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Сайт: northeastanimalshelter.org

Название сайта: Home - Northeast Animal Shelter

Описание: The Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, MA, is one of New England's largest no-kill animal shelters for puppies, kittens, cats, and dogs. Open daily.

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Сайт: globalanimal.org

Название сайта: All about animals, from dogs and cats to wildlife and endangered species.

Описание: Love animals? We're all about animals, from cats and dogs to wildlife and endangered species. Join us for the best pet videos & galleries, plus daily

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Сайт: boom-studios.com

Название сайта: BOOM! Studios - Come Innovate With Us. - Home Page #Comicsforward

Описание: Founded by Ross Richie in 2005, Diamond Gem Award-winning "Best Publisher" BOOM! Studios (boom-studios.com) generates a constellation of best-selling Eisner and Harvey Award-winning original and licensed comic books and graphic novels with the industry’s top talent. BOOM! Studios is the home of Mike Carey’s SUICIDE RISK, Clive Barker’s NEXT TESTAMENT and HELLRAISER, Paul Jenkins and Humberto Ramos’ FAIRY QUEST, PLANET OF THE APES, Max Bemis’ POLARITY and Mark Waid’s IRREDEEMABLE. Steven Grant’s graphic novel 2 GUNS will be released as a feature film from Universal Pictures August 2nd, starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg. BOOM!’s all-ages

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Сайт: mohawkhumane.org

Название сайта: Mohawk Hudson Humane Society: Menands Animal Shelter

Описание: The Mohawk Hudson Humane Society (MHHS) runs an animal shelter in Menands, NY dedicated to saving animals, whether strays, abandoned, or injured.

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Сайт: aedsuperstore.com

Название сайта: AED Superstore: Automated External Defibrillators & Equipment

Описание: Shop AEDs and Defibrillators at AED Superstore, the world’s largest & most trusted AED source - low prices & free shipping on orders over $99. Shop today.

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Сайт: adoptagoldenatlanta.com

Название сайта: adoptagoldenatlanta.com

Описание: Adopt a Golden Atlanta is a volunteer, nonprofit organization dedicated to finding warm, loving permanent homes for Golden Retrievers in order to prevent them from becoming strays or adding to the shelter overpopulation.

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