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Сайт: thinkspin.com

Название сайта: Think Spin | finding my focus (in the absurd and the ordinary)

Описание: Finding the absurd in the ordinary

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Сайт: globallegalpost.com

Название сайта: Latest legal news, jobs, comments and blogs - The Global Legal Post

Описание: Get the latest legal news, legal jobs from The Global Legal Post, including opinions and commentary from leading legal observers.

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Сайт: streetaccount.com

Название сайта: StreetAccount

Описание: defining market intelligence

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Сайт: sojo.net

Название сайта: Sojourners | Faith in Action for Social Justice

Описание: Sojourners has the latest news and commentary on faith, politics, and culture.

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Сайт: amiright.com

Название сайта: Am I Right - Misheard Lyrics, Song Parodies, music humor and satire

Описание: A music humor site dealing in misheard song lyrics (Mondegreens) for songs from the past 50 years including country, chrisitan music, and christmas music. Also featuring song parodies, jokes, quotes, lyrics, band name manipulations, and strange music trivia.

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Сайт: classicalnotes.net

Название сайта: Classical Notes, Peter Gutmann, CD reviews, articles, expanded Goldmine columns

Описание: Classical record reviews and commentary by a passionate fan. Expanded, updated Goldmine columns.Career retrospectives and discographies of Toscanini, Furtwangler, Bernstein. Classical CD reviews.

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Сайт: algemeiner.com

Название сайта: Jewish & Israel News | Algemeiner.com Breaking Alerts, Commentary, Insights Analysis and Blogs

Описание: The fastest growing Jewish newspaper in America. Your one stop source for all news and commentary from Israel and the Jewish world, Jewish art, Jewish culture, Jewish music, analysis, opinion, blogs and more…

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Сайт: wdtprs.com

Название сайта: Fr. Z’s Blog - What Does The Prayer Really Say?

Описание: Frank commentary on Catholic issues & slavishly accurate liturgical translations - by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf o{]:

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Сайт: worldfootball.net

Название сайта: worldfootball.net

Описание: Football - results, news, statistics and much more...

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