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Сайт: enrolmentdesk.com

Название сайта: Online Admission made simple | Preschool | School| College| Graduation

Описание: We offer an end-to-end Online admission solution to Preschools, Schools, Colleges, Graduation and post graduation institutions. Admissions simplified.

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Сайт: targatenet.com


Описание: This website includes previous papers with proper explanation, descriptive study material and computer science mcq's.

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Сайт: sacredheartsarabhanagar.com

Название сайта: Sacred Heart Convent School Sarabha Nagar, Best School In Ludhiana


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Сайт: clay6.com

Название сайта: CBSE, JEEMAIN, NEET, engineering, medical sample papers and practice tests

Описание: We provide online practice tests, sample papers, model papers, tablet app for CBSE, JEEMAIN, NEET and other engineering and medical exams. Also tutors student and tests management.

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Сайт: cppforschool.com

Название сайта: C++ Tutorial for School Students

Описание: This tutorial is for school students who want to learn to program in C++ and do not necessarily have any previous knowledge of other programming languages.

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Сайт: bpsdoha.com

Название сайта: BPS | Best Indian School in Qatar - Birla Public School

Описание: Birla Indian school is one of the leading CBSE Indian schools in Doha, Qatar since 2004 providing the best value premium Indian education in Qatar.

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Сайт: cbseguess.com

Название сайта: CBSE Board Sample Questions CBSE Papers CBSE Result CBSE Books CBSE Schools in India - Central Board of Secondary Education

Описание: Portal For CBSE India, CBSE Guess Sample Questions Papers, CBSE Tutors, CBSE Books, CBSE Schools in India, CBSE Results, Teachers and Tutors Job, Maths, Science, Socal Studies, Hindi English, India, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Allahabad, Kolkata, Banglore, Hyderabad, Kanpur, Patna, Central Board of Secondary Education

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Сайт: bodhaguru.com

Название сайта: Bodhaguru©

Описание: This website contains educational videos, apps, books for students in kindergarten to grade 10 - for NCERT, CBSE syllabus

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Сайт: kidsfront.com

Название сайта: Online Education Preparation & Practice test

Описание: Education and Career portal for preparation of preschool, School education, Competitive, Govt job exams and interview. Information about CBSE pattern, syllabus, Govt jobs and recruitment procedure. Online Practice tests, Last year papers and topic wise question answer series.

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Сайт: carveniche.com

Название сайта: CarveNiche

Описание: Education Technology Company empaneled by CBSE which provides online personalized, adaptive learning solution, digital content, CCE for all CBSE, ICSE and state board schools.

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