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Website Name: Noam Berg


Date 2020-04-06 | Date in the database UANIC: 2014-03-22



Website Name: Лечение в Израиле | Цены, стоимость | Российско-израильский медицинский центр - V-MEDICAL GROUP

Description: Стоимость, цены лечения в Израиле — российско-израильский медицинский центр ✡ V-MEDICAL GROUP ✡ предлагает самое лучшее лечение за границей

Date 2020-04-28 | Date in the database UANIC: 2015-08-11



Website Name: «Зимрат аАрец»

Description: Zionist, Patriotic, Actual Songs from Jerusalem Song Club Zimrat ha-Aretz; Патриотические, Политические, Актуальные, Сатирические, Иронические песни от Израильского Иерусалимского Клуба Политической Песни Зимрат a-Арец, Зимрат aАрец

Date 2016-12-02 | Date in the database UANIC: 2015-09-29



Website Name: Akinas

Description: Web development and design agency based in Jerusalem area of The State of Israel headed by Daniel Levin

Date 2017-09-01 | Date in the database UANIC: 2015-12-11



Website Name: Herzliya Medical Center - Leaders in Medical Treatment in Israel

Description: Herzliya Medical Center is the leading private hospital offering extensive medical treatment in Israel to foreign patients, with a personalized treatment approach.

Date 2017-09-11 | Date in the database UANIC: 2015-12-12



Website Name: The Touro College and University System

Description: Touro College and University System - Touro students hail from all over the world, from all walks of life, in the pursuit of a common goal: To get the best possible education, to find a promising professional career, and to do so in an environment that respects and supports their backgrounds and beliefs.

Date 2018-05-01 | Date in the database UANIC: 2015-12-14



Website Name: Informations en direct d'Israël

Description: Informations en direct d'Israël

Date 2017-12-25 | Date in the database UANIC: 2015-12-21



Website Name: US Defense Watch | News, Opinion and Analysis on: US Defense issues and politics with a conservative viewpoint: Pentagon feather merchants, the Ranger School records fiasco, the Phony War against ISIS, the social engineering of the military; Election 2016, liberal fools and other politically incorre

Description: German reporter Jurgen Todenhofer went behind enemy lines to spend ten days with the Islamic State. He went with his son, Frederic, but not after spending

Date 2016-11-07 | Date in the database UANIC: 2015-12-31



Website Name: Jewish & Israel News | Breaking Alerts, Commentary, Insights Analysis and Blogs

Description: The fastest growing Jewish newspaper in America. Your one stop source for all news and commentary from Israel and the Jewish world, Jewish art, Jewish culture, Jewish music, analysis, opinion, blogs and more…

Date 2018-07-11 | Date in the database UANIC: 2016-01-12



Website Name: World War | World war 3

Description: Israel’s Defense Minister would rather deal with ISIS, mossad are controlling ISIS

Date 2018-10-27 | Date in the database UANIC: 2016-01-22