Check availability (status) website

Check availability (status) website online

The service checks the availability (status) websites that are primarily focused on developers and owners of web resources. Service test websites allows, in real time, send standard query to check the performance on the user-specified website (domain, blog, etc.), to receive and decode the answer. Service health-check will help to identify users to determine the hostname (Host), User Agent and browser name, HttpRequest, language preference specified website, the parameters Accept, Accept-Language, Accept-Encoding, DNT, X-Requested-With, the value of a field Referer, track the type and parameters of the Cookie, the analyzed website used.

In addition, the service check whether the website allows users to receive and view a text representation of the content (as raw HTML code) of the specified page of website.

Check availability (status) of the website is a useful and popular option. Only on the technological portal WHOIS.UANIC.NAME, health check is executed in real time, contains the current (current at the time of the inspection), not cached and not added to the database. The number of requests for a health check with a single IP address can be unlimited, allowing our users to comfortably control data given by the website.

Please note that the health check availability (status) website, at the current time, is one of 32 distributed access points. In turn, the access point selects the scan-bot randomly, without taking into account geographic proximity and current location of the test website.

Service test website public service is free of charge.

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