Check speed and optimization of website GOLDINFOYOU.RU

Analyze website optimization, analyze site speed

Free service for analyze quality website optimization and loading speed, intended primarily for web developers and of SEO-optimizers, to bring their sites into compliance with Google's requirements.

Site testing is carried out using the unique API, based on technology PageSpeed Insights, according to Google Developers guidelines.

The popularity of our service to testing page load speed and optimization, primarily determined by the simplicity of its use. After analyzing the website user receives specific recommendations for optimizing your website, displaying a list of necessary work to optimize the site and improve the site's load time.

Users of technology portal can absolutely free, unlimited number of times, without any limitations, to make online check of level optimization.

Analyze of site optimization and load rate is performed online, in real-time the user gets information:

  1. Execution redirect on page.
  2. Using Gzip compression.
  3. Using browser's cache.
  4. Server Response Time.
  5. CSS Optimization.
  6. HTML Optimization.
  7. JavaScript optimization.
  8. The code blocking mapping top.
  9. Optimizing images.
  10. Optimization download the visible part.

Please note that the database of our technology portal stores only basic information about tested sites, so users can find the latest information at the time of inspection, you must re-press the "Analyze" button. The result of the current test depends on the test performance of a particular site in a given time, it is unique to each test, presented as a conditional value of "SPEED SCORE", tending to 100 (max. value speed score - 100, good value - 85, satisfactory - 51, unsatisfactory - less than 27).

You must understood that the amount of "SPEED SCORE" is not an absolute, at the same time it is universal, as in the optimization Google sites, and sites in the optimization for other PS, for example, Yandex.
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