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Website Name: Экскурсии | Гиды
Description: Каталог русскоговорящих гидов. Регистрация гидов, создание личных страниц, возможность размещения ре...
Keywords:Русскоговорящий Гид, Русский Гид, Экскурсии на Русском, Русские гиды

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Неплохой каталог русских гидов, большой выбор экскурсий, нет необходимости регистрироваться чтобы написать письмо гиду, удобный и достаточно простой интерфейс.
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It's about Sergey Rybalka. He works in Tokyo. People like him can not be in public service. He is rude,obnoxious, despicable. Because of people like him this site will not survive. In my living in USA I completely forgot that people like him still exist. It's a shame. I am sure that there are a lot of good professional Russian tour guides. But after meeting this guy I will never going to use your site. And will highly recommend all my friends and their friends not to use it. It's a pitty. We were looking forward to meet Russian guide in Japan.;
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