Ping website (domain, IP-address) CLOUDARION.COM

Ping website, domain, IP-address. Check of response time (response) of the server.

Ping - the time (in milliseconds) for which the network packet sent by the sending computer comes to the recipient (can be a domain, website, or the IP-address) CLOUDARION.COM, and comes back. The lower the ping - so speedily and quickly exchange information between your computer and a basic server that serves as the receiving computer. If the ping response is not received and / or timeout, it may indicate that the server (the receiving computer) is not working, or a node (the domain or the IP-address) is simply not found on the network. At the same time, the reasons may be several - the most common of them - the firewall, which blocks echo requests, or pinged the server gives priority to the more meaningful queries, ignoring ping.

How it works?
Computer sender generates a so-called ping (ICMP Echo-Request), if necessary, the DNS queries, and sends it to the network, on the PC receiving the search (IP address of the recipient specified in the request). The request passes a plurality of nodes, until it finds the receiving computer. That, in response to a ping sends echo reply (ICMP Echo-Reply) to the original sender (IP of the sender as specified in the request). As soon as the sending computer receives the echo reply, it calculates the time taken for the rest of this procedure.

What can depend ping (response time)?
1. The quality of the channel of your Internet service provider - even important, not the channel width, and its quality. You can get a ping of 300 ms per channel at 100 megabits, and you can get a 4 ms at 10 megabits per channel. However, the width of the channel still has value. The narrow channel can cause deterioration of the response time.

2. From the server load (the destination computer) - It may not be enough quality or too narrow exit channel to the Internet, or at the moment it may be too busy.

3. The location of the server (the destination computer) and traserta by sending computer to the recipient computer - it may be too far from you, and the signal passing through dozens of intermediate nodes is slowing and may even partially lost.

How to measure the ping?
If you want to make a measurement of the ping from your computer to another computer or website CLOUDARION.COM, - enter in the search box the name of the website, domain or IP-address, and click the Ping button.

The service definition ping (response time), a third-party server is available free to users of the portal WHOIS.UANIC.NAME.