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Information about ISP (provider) - Jsc ru-center

Unfortunately, at the moment, there is no information about the ISP (provider) - Jsc ru-center, or the amount of information collected by us is insufficient to correctly display the necessary data.

If you wish, you can participate in filling out the ISP UANIC DB database by providing us with information about the ISP (provider) Jsc ru-center by filling out the form.

Information about ISP (Internet Service Provider) IP-addresses

ISP (Internet Service Provider) IP Addresses section contains the filtered information for IP addresses belonging to the specified ISP (provider). The section will be useful for searching and compiling a complete list of public IP addresses used by an ISP (Internet Service Provider), if only the ASN or IP address of the site that is delegated to the server of the desired provider is known.

For the convenience of users, IP-addresses can be grouped them by date of addition or by ASN, in addition, the filtering is active both by the name of the provider and by the date of adding this IP-address to the directory IP WHOIS UANIC.

ISP (Internet service provider) is an organization that provides users with access to the Internet and, possibly, other services such as hosting, domain registration, corporate e-mail, etc. Providers that provide corporate access on the Internet, often offer dedicated high-speed communication lines, including fiber, radio access, etc., leased dedicated and physical servers, their configuration and maintenance. Other related services are available, such as server administration, protection of servers and client sites from DDoS attacks, etc.

Information on the ownership of IP addresses for a specific ISP (Internet provider) contained in the IP database WHOIS UANIC is public and is obtained through direct access, incl. accumulation and generalization of relevant data in the analysis of flow requests when using the APIs. Information contained in the database IP WHOIS UANIC is public, access to the database is provided free of charge. When using (placing) information from the WHOIS UANIC IP database on the Internet, a direct link to WHOIS.UANIC.NAME - is required!