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Cost of site
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Valuation website $1 240 - are design characteristics and is based on algorithmic analysis of the current parameters of the website(domain) After analyzing this website, we obtained the following values of important parameters, which influence on the calculated value of the website (domain)

  • Indexed Google: 5691
  • Yandex CY (CY): Not defined, indexing: learn
  • Alexa Rank: -, Yandex and Dmoz directories: learn
  • Website traffic: 50 External links: -
  • vCategory: (0) Website is awaiting moderation

Cost website

$1 240

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Cost calculation of website and its monthly income

The cost of the website is the calculated absolute value, which depends on many factors, such as: the level of the domain name (domain of the second or third level), the volume and content of the web pages (the more pages and good content, the better), indicators of CY, the number of indexed pages, the values of Alexa Rank, presence of website in Yandex and Dmoz directories, the costs and revenues, and on many other, minor, but taken into account during the calculation of the website cost.
The estimated cost of the website, received from the portal WHOIS.UANIC.NAME analysis, can be a real guide, for both the seller and the potential buyer of the domain if they define the auction value of the website (domain)
Monthly income of the website is based on the unique algorithm, the estimate cost of the domain, that allows to esteem the expanses for the website ownership, and the advertising revenue of the website Daily income of the website comes from the formula: divide the joint monthly income by 30. Counting the monthly income we do not take the possible incomes from another links, because it can have an adverse effect on CY indexes and on the search ranking of the website.
For users comfort the portal WHOIS.UANIC.NAME provides the free opportunity to put on their website the button “Website cost”. So that a user can see the cost of the website. We recommend webmasters to use website wide button, it will increase the interest of advertisers and buyers to your website.
The service website (domain) cost is free of charge for the users of the portal WHOIS.UANIC.NAME.