Information IP-addresses ASN AS28573 Servi��os de Comunica����o S.A. provider

    Information on IP-addresses ASN provider

    Section called Information on IP-addresses of ASN provider contains filtered data on IP-addresses belonging to a given ASN-provider. Section will be useful for searching for the domain of owner in the case when you only know the ASN or IP-address of the website that is delegated on the server of the desired provider, data center or network owner.

    For user convenience IP-addresses are grouped chronologically and the filtering is active both by the name of provider and by date of addition of the IP-addresses of to the catalog of IP WHOIS UANIC. ASN represents a group of one or more IP prefixes, working in one or more network operators (service providers) that have a single and clearly defined routing policy.

    Here, the routing policy refers to a certain set of network routing solutions applied in the modern Internet. Each AS (autonomous network) has a unique number (ASN), which serves as an identifier in the exchange of external routing information (i.e., accessing information for different AS).

    For the exchange of routing information between different AS external routing protocol BGP is used. Allocation of Autonomous System AS (ASN) numbers is produced in the case of need for users to have a dynamic routing via BGP with two or more operators.

    The information on affiliation of the ASN number to particular provider that is contained in the database IP WHOIS UANIC is publicly available and is obtained by direct use of API, while the information on affiliation of IP-addresses to certain providers is published in the database through WHOIS UANIC accumulation in the analysis of flow requests.

    The information contained in the database IP WHOIS UANIC is public, access to the database is free of charge. When using (publishing) the information from a database of IP WHOIS UANIC on the Internet direct link to WHOIS.UANIC.NAME is mandatory!