Public WHOIS Database Peer 1 Network (USA)
2017-02-24 OVH SAS
2017-02-24 Amazon
2017-02-24 Liquid Web
2017-02-23 China Telecom Guangdong
2017-02-23, LLC
2017-02-23 Amazon Technologies
2017-02-23 Dancom
2017-02-23 Shopify, Inc.
2017-02-23 OVH SAS
2017-02-23 Awareness Software Limited
2017-02-23 Awareness Software Limited
2017-02-23 Atria Convergence Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
2017-02-23 Telecommunication Systems, LLC
2017-02-23 CloudFlare
2017-02-23 Sentia N.V.
2017-02-23 CloudFlare
2017-02-23 Squarespace
2017-02-23 1&1 Internet Inc
2017-02-23 Amazon Technologies
2017-02-23 Sucuri
2017-02-22, LLC
2017-02-22 Quadrant Televentures Limited
2017-02-22, LLC
2017-02-22 LLP Kompaniya Hoster.KZ
2017-02-22 Mtnl Internet Service Provider In The City Of Delh
2017-02-22 Amazon Technologies
2017-02-22 Sify Limited
2017-02-22 Tikona Digital Networks Pvt. LTD
2017-02-22 Hathway
2017-02-22 CloudFlare
2017-02-22 Fbs Bilisim Cozumleri Tic Ltd Sti.
2017-02-22 Fbs Bilisim Cozumleri Tic Ltd Sti.

The list of recent queries to the database UANIC.WHOIS.NAME

This page contains the list of last user queries of technological portal WHOIS.UANIC.NAME to WHOIS UANIC base.

List of last queries to WHOIS base is sorted by query date, and contains brief information for each domain name, namely: domain title, current IP-address of domain (website) at date of query to WHOIS base, title and ASN of the current hosting provider, last query date to WHOIS base.

Please, consider that during definition of the current IP-address of domain (website) system uses information, obtained by scan-bot as a result of website scanning, not the information on IP-address, obtained during NS-servers coupling. Therefore, users can get accurate information on current domain IP-address, regardless current values of NS domain and DNS provider.

Using one of the icons from the column "Actions", users of technological portal WHOIS.UANIC.NAME can go to a page with SEO-parameters of domain name, get acquainted with actual information from WHOIS base on this domain, or register chosen domain name (domain registration is performed in real time mode), using popular service of domain names registration UANIC, or transfer earlier registered domain to UANIC panel.
Registration and transferring of domain are performed according to acting at the registration moment retail prices, using technological portal's services is commission-free.

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